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With over 9 years’ experience in the summer-school field, our experienced team can be trusted to take good care of you in either course-consulting or the credit-transferring stage. We are proud to announce that our faculty are experts within the various research areas we have chosen to include in the courses. This selection process will grant you the chance to understand the different perspectives the experts have to offer.

Yes, we are great at our work but we also know how to have fun. (This is very important for studying abroad.) Let us take care of your nights out by recommending the top local bars and clubs and let us guide you to the best hidden spots China has to offer. At ONPS we believe It's important to experience the best of both worlds.


I know it can be hard sometimes and maybe you miss your friends and family? Don't worry, You can cry on our shoulders. No matter what the occasion or situation is, we will always be there for you. At ONPS, we are always your friends who’d love to help. You are in safe hands with us.


From the most popular restaurants to the epic sceneries, we will take you to the best of the best. From the Forbidden City in Beijing, the traditional alley in Shanghai to the night market in Taipei, you can experience the wonders of the world. We do not just want you to see the tourism here, but we also want to show you the true spirit of China. We hope this experience opens your mind to the true possibilities of the world and inspires you to keep aspiring to learn more about the beautiful world.


One of the main reasons you are here in China is to learn how to become an elite business man/woman. Maybe you are here to learn the manufacturing industry or the uprising digital app market, maybe you want to learn the culture of business in China, how deals are made and the reasoning to why Chinese people think the way they do. Either way you are here to learn business. Our program is intricately tailored to teach you all of these things and more. You will have the opportunity to get hands on experience within the local market, which will help you begin to understand the culture of Chinese business and how it runs on a day to day basis.


Coming to the hustle and bustle can be intimidating sometimes, but thankfully you have no stress with us. Everything you need regarding accommodation, insurance, field trips and general 24/7 help, we have you covered in our lovely package. Whether you need a rail card or help with buying food, we are here for you. We will even arrange your transport from the airport to accommodation which in result minimizes even more stress. Well, yeah you have literally no worries coming here.

All you have to do is sign up and experience the beauty of China stress free.


From Faculty and Students

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Digby Wren


Deakin University

Many of these students already have some kind of specific interests, their study area, or they have some ambition. So I try to draw that out from them, and extend it into how that manifest itself in the real-world situation between Australia and China, or in some other way, Asia for example.

Tracy Hopkins


Curtin University

When I think about my students, as you can see I have the smile in my face, because I love my students. Students are here for a purpose. They are here to learn, and I’m here to impact them, to teach them the life experiences that I have. The program itself is different. I suppose it’s different as we are teaching in a different environment, but the curriculum is something I’m teaching from the Australian-based standards and expectations. That is fantastic.

Wilter Grobler


University of Queensland

The experience of sharing ideas and beliefs with the staff, fellow students and the people of Taiwan has not only been deeply insightful, but has provided some of the tools that I will need working in a multicultural setting towards the development and wellbeing of Australia. It really provides a unique opportunity to interact with peers in a city that is both modern and that holds significant historical ties.

Rajnee Persaud


Macalester College

Studying at the university has been really interesting. I think the classes taught me a lot about Chinese culture and business, and got me to explore a lot of different places, and meet a lot of cool people. So my time in China is meaningful. I think it’s hard to come to a new country and not know anybody, but having a group of people who has similar interests with you makes it a lot easier.

Kelly Nilan


Augsburg College (Minneapolis)

The company field trip was really good. It was really informational and people working in the company we visit are really nice. They offer me to have an internship next year. It’s just a really good opportunity.

Kimberly Williams


Saint Leo University

I love China. It’s very different from Jamaica and American culture. I just love experiencing different cultures and being able to be in an Asian country that is far from the western world, experiencing new food, experiencing a new language and new culture. It’s been amazing.

I think that ONPS treats us like family. We are like a family. I feel very comfortable being outside of my home. I always feel like I can talk to somebody about anything, so I think that’s the best about ONPS.